Listening Woman (1978)


In Listening Woman Tony Hillerman again captivates the reader with a tale of mystery and suspense In a contemporary setting among the Navajo Indians. Tony Hillerman is an acclaimed master of the traditions and life-style of the Navajos and he has now proved himself to be a master of the classic mystery story. Listening Woman is not only a revealing commentary on the American Indian, but also a superbly plotted and ingenious whodunnit. (Hillerman, 1978: Promotional Copy from the Book Jacket)


Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn has a number of unsolved crimes to investigate on his 'patch': a seemingly motiveless murder of an old man and a young girl; an attempted hit-and -run and the disappearance of a helicopter somewhere in the rocky wilderness of the reservation.

With patience and his supreme knowledge of the Indian people and their country, Leaphorn unravels the threads which link the crimes together. His discoveries eventually lead him into the loneliest. most haunted corner of the Navajo nation and into the lives of three men who seek revenge, escape and salvation . They lead him also into great personal danger and to a terrible crime in the very act of Its commission. (Hillerman, 1978: Promotional Copy from the Book Jacket)

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