The Jim Chee Mysteries (1990)


The "Jim Chee Mysteries" is an anthology of the first three novels from the Navajo Mystery Series featuring Officer Jim Chee including: People of Darkness (1980), The Dark Wind (1982), and The Ghostway (1984). The Jim Chee Mysteries was first published in 1990 by HarperCollins Publishers and was the second anthology published by Tony Hillerman.


In People of Darkness, officer Jim Chee is forced to use all of his powers of dedication and insight to extricate himself from a deadly series of incidences involving a mysterious millionaire, a sinister peyote-eating Indian cult, and a murder. In The Dark Wind, a seemingly routine stakeout at a vandalized windmill thrusts Chee into the center of a dangerous web of drugs, witchcraft, and betrayal. Finally, in The Ghostway, a felon relocated under the Federal Witness Protection Program sets off a chain of treachery and killings, and only Chee has the knowledge of the people and the landscape to understand the clues.

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