Hillerman Country (1991)

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This book portrays the unique landscape of the American Southwest in both words and pictures. Hillerman affectionately describes the land of his stories and what draws him to the land - what planted the seeds of each novel. He speaks movingly about the people who inhabit the land, from the Native Americans - Navojo, Zuni who have lived there for centuries, to the Anglos who chose to settle in such forbidding surroundings. He explains the customs and cultures of these peoples, and how they shaped their world. In each case his vivid and entrancing text is accompanied by photographs taken by his brother, Barney Hillerman.


Ship Rock, Chaco Canyon, Monument Valley, Mexican Hat. To devotees of Tony Hillerman these names conjure up the mystery and magic that flow through his novels of the southwest desert and its people. With Tony's words and over 200 spectacular color pictures by his brother Barney, Hillerman Country takes the reader to all those places and dozens of other towns and mountains, mesas and washes that are such an essential part of Tony's award-winning novels.

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