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Unknown Place

PICT 000-501-T063

Rural Road on Navajo Nation

PICT 000-501(4)-0030

Rock Formation in Monument Valley

PICT 000-501(4)-0027

Hillerman at Utah Library Association

PICT 0000-501(2)-0071

Hillerman's Marriage to Marie

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Hello, I am the new Tony Hillerman Digital Fellow; I joined the crew in August. As the new fellow I was initiated into the project by being assigned to work on People of Darkness. My job is to research and define terms from the novel that would contribute to the digital encyclopedia. We have been taking terms from Hillerman’s books and, through these definitions, have been constructing a picture of the Southwest through Tony Hillerman’s eyes. People of Darkness takes place in the Grants, NM area: the checkerboard section of the Navajo reservation, Mount Taylor, and El Malpais.

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