People of Darkness, Page Proofs.

This is a galley proof of the novel that shows layout and formatting of the first edition of the work. The proofs are not available online, but may be studied in person at the Center for Southwest Research.

People of Darkness, Edited Manuscript.

This is the final edited manuscript for People of Darkness - it has been heavily edited.

People of Darkness, Revised Manuscript.

This version of the manuscript is well structured and fairly free of editing marks, but the pages have been renumbered after typing, and the chapter numbers have been modified.

People of Darkness, Manuscript, p.1-279.

This is a mature draft of People of Darkness which bears only a few editing and correction marks. This version is neatly typed on New Mexico Bond paper.

People of Darkness, Assorted Draft Pages.

This third draft begins to seem more polished and the story more structured, however it still bears evidence of heavy correction and reworking.

People of Darkness, Assorted Draft Pages.

This appears to be a further reworking of the initial draft manuscript. The pages are heavily edited and there is ongoing evidence of significant revision of the story.

People of Darkness, Draft, p.1-267.

This manuscript appears to be the earliest existing draft of People of Darkness. It has been heavily edited and modified by the author.

Talking God / Thief of Time: Curriculum Unit

This is a curriculum unit for Talking God & Thief of Time from A Center for Learning Publication. It was created by Richard Murphy and contains 12 lessons and 22 handouts for teachers to use while teaching the two books.

The Navajos as Seen Through Hillerman's Characters

This master's thesis by Hélène Le Goff, published by Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Sociales Victor Segalen, Département d'Anglais.

The Blessing Way, Edited Manuscript.

This final version of the manuscript includes written notes and comments from the editor as well as Hillerman's responses. Written well before the popularization of email, it is apparent that this manuscript was exchanged several times between the author and the editor via regular mail, as there are initial editorial comments, then responses from the editor, and then further responses from the author all throughout the text.


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