The Dark Wind, Assorted Draft Pages and Notes.

This appears to be early assorted pages of various chapters from The Dark Wind. The editing has been done in black and blue ink pen, sometimes on the same page, suggesting that this draft was edited by Tony Hillerman and one other person. Additionally, with the assorted draft pages are Hillerman's research on the Navajo, including: Navajo chronology, linguistic history and kinship charts. Interestingly, there is also the contact information for his writer's group and a syllabus from a Navajo Ethnology class taught at UNM.

The Dark Wind, Partial Draft.

This appears to be a portion of the second draft of The Dark Wind. The editing has been done in black ink, suggesting that this draft was edited only by Tony Hillerman. The editing is heavy is still very heavy and plot points and final details are still being worked on.

The Dark Wind, Draft.

This appears to be the first draft of The Dark Wind. The editing has been done in black, blue, and red ink pen, sometimes all on the same page, which suggests that this draft was edited by Tony Hillerman and at least one other person. The editing is heavy in places and some character names have been added in. Finally, this draft has heavy water staining on some pages and some pages are different colors.

Tony Hillerman Remembered

Video of a 2008 memorial service for Tony Hillerman

Writing the Southwest: Interview with Tony Hillerman, 1988

Writing the Southwest Series Interview with Tony Hillerman.

Tony Hillerman: "C" Company, 103rd Infantry Division Interview

This is a 2006 interview of Tony Hillerman by his son, Dan about Tony's service in World War II.

Finding Moon. Audio transcription

This document is an abridged edition of Finding Moon that was created by Bill Boedecker for HarperAudio. It appears to have been sent to Tony Hillerman for his approval prior to the production of an abridged audiobook version of the novel. This document has not been cleared for online access, but it can be viewed by those wishing to visit the Center for Southwest Research in person.

Finding Moon. Copy editor queries

This group of documents include proof-reading queries by Hillerman's copy editor, some brief notes and correspondence between Hillerman and the editor(s) of Finding Moon, and a partial edited manuscript of the novel.

Finding Moon. Draft chapters 1-8

This manuscript is a partial draft of Finding Moon that covers only the first eight chapters of the book, and totals 82 pages. It appears to be a print-out from an electronic word processed document.

Research materials for novel, Finding Moon

This document is a research file containing articles, papers and notes that Tony Hillerman compiled in preparation for writing Finding Moon. There are 8 articles in this file, totaling 132 pages.


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