The Writer and the Navajo Cop

McCluggage, Denise. "The Writer and the Navajo Cop." Southwest Airline Spirit (1985): 80-83, 126-128

Tony Hillerman's "Dance Hall of the Dead"

Harris, Jim. "Tony Hillerman's "Dance Hall of the Dead." The Greater Llano Estacado SOUTHWEST HERITAGE 6, no.2 (1976): 2-6, 52

Navajo Cops on the Case

Please Repeat That: Repetition as a Stylistic Device in Tony Hillerman’s Skinwalkers

Thesis by Stephen Brown, Spalding University, February 20, 2017

Anne Hillerman Bibliography: 1983-2017

This work is currently under development at the UNM University Libraries.

Talking God, Manuscript and Letter to Publisher, 1989

Talking God Book Tour, 1989

Promotional Tour Itineraries for Thief of Time, 1988.

This folder contains itineraries and some publisher correspondence for Tony Hillerman's promotional book tour for A Thief of Time.

Correspondence from Publisher Regarding Thief of Time, 1987.

This folder contains 6 pieces of correspondence between Tony Hillerman and the editor and publishing staff at Harper & Row. While the correspondence documents are not available for viewing online, researchers may visit the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico to view them in person.

Correspondence regarding The Ghostway, 1984-85

This folder contains 11 pieces of business correspondence about The Ghostway, including a congratulatory telegram from Harper & Row upon the publication of the work, and a schedule of Tony Hillerman's promotional tour book signing engagements.

Due to privacy and permissions concerns, correspondence from the Tony Hillerman Collection is not available online. Researchers may view this material in person by visiting the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico.


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