Listening Woman, Screenplay Draft by Lionel E. Siegel (March 1983).

This screenplay draft was written by Lionel E. Siegel and is not available online. Researchers should visit the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico and ask for Box 2, Folder 14 from the Tony Hillerman Collection to view this document.

Listening Woman, Edited Manuscript, p. 1-228 (undated).

This is the most mature draft of Listening Woman in the Center for Southwest Research Collections. It bears significant editing marks.

Listening Woman, Typed Manuscript 2, p.1-227 (undated).

Listening Woman, Typed Manuscript 1, p.1-223 (undated).

Listening Woman, Draft 3, p.1-222 (undated).

This draft is a clean, typed manuscript with no editing marks.

Listening Woman, Draft 2, p.1-204 (undated).

This is a typed draft manuscript that includes light to moderate editing. Most corrections are simple spelling, punctuation or word choice edits, however there are several major section re-arrangements indicated.

Listening Woman, Draft 1, p.1-182 (undated).

This is the initial draft of Listening Woman. The manuscript is heavily edited.

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