Manuscripts for The Spell of New Mexico (1976)

The Spell of New Mexico is Hillerman’s fourth non-fiction work, which was published in 1976. The book is a collection of essays by noted writers who were personally affected by the landscape, people and cultures of New Mexico. Hillerman wrote the preface and introduction, and together with UNM Press editor Jack Rittenhouse, selected works from a wide range of authors, including Mary Austin, D.H. Lawrence and Carl Jung.
There is one compiled manuscript draft of The Spell of New Mexico in the Hillerman Collection; it includes several drafts of Hillerman’s preface and introduction, as well as a variety of source material, including magazine articles and notes from Jack Rittenhouse.

     The Spell of New Mexico, Drafts and Research Materials. (MSS 501 BC / B06-F17)

This document is the only draft of The Spell of New Mexico in the Tony Hillerman Papers Collection. It is actually a...