Navajo Indians

by Stephanie Mack, Hillerman Fellow
Originally published on Celebrating New Mexico Statehood, 6/10/2016

Originally posted on Celebrating New Mexico Statehood, 8/19/2016

In Hillerman’s 1980 novel PEOPLE OF DARKNESS, Jim Chee pursues a lead that takes him to Crownpoint Elementary School, the location of the Crownpoint Navajo Rug Auction. Leaving the parking area, which is full of older Plymouths and Fords, to enter the school’s auditorium, Chee is confronted by the familiar smells “of cooking fry bread, floor wax, blackboard chalk, stewing mutton and red chile, of raw wool, of horses, and of humans.”

Monument Valley

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Monument Valley

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Signs of Navajo Nation

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