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This section of the Portal is a library of print and online resources about Tony Hillerman. Hillerman was prolific and popular as a writer, journalist, and educator, and much commentary about his work has been produced. Included here are web links to articles, books, audio and video, interviews, and other websites on topics such as biographical information, literary criticism, setting and landscape guides, and closer looks at his writerly, public, and private lives. You can also contact us at the eHillerman Portal and UNM University libraries with any inquiries and research interests.


Don Swaim Radio Show Interviews Tony Hillerman

Tony Hillerman tells Don Swaim about
different aspects of Navajo life, and
what inspired him to learn so much

Paula Gordon Show Interview with Tony Hillerman

Radio Interview conducted with Tony Hillerman
for the Paula Gordon Show. June 14, 2002.

Writing the Southwest: Interview with Tony Hillerman, 1988

Writing the Southwest Series Interview with Tony Hillerman.


Anne Hillerman Bibliography: 1983-2017

This work is currently under development at the UNM University Libraries.

Collecting Tony Hillerman : A Checklist of the First Editions

This annotated bibliography lists Hillerman's first editions up through 1991. Each entry includes data on the format of the edition, first...

Fifty Foreign Firsts: A Tony Hillerman Checklist

This early bibliography of Tony Hillerman enlists fifty foreign language translations of his novels.

Tony Hillerman : From The Blessing Way to Talking God : A Bibliography

This is a definitive bibliography of Tony Hillerman's works from 1970 to 1990.

Tony Hillerman Abroad : An Annotated Checklist of Foreign Language Editions

This pamphlet-sized work is an list of the known foreign language editions of Tony Hillerman's works, it greatly expands upon Hieb's earlier...

Tony Hillerman: A Bibliography

This is one of the earliest bibliographies of Tony Hillerman including the list of his writing up through 1988.

Tony Hillerman: A Comprehensive Bibliography

Currently in development, this work in progress will be published in print format after the official launch of the Tony...

Biographical Works

Clinton P. Anderson Biography (MSS 20 BC)

This manuscript is one of the drafts for the biography of Clinton Presba Anderson (1895 - 1975) served a U.S. Senator from New Mexico from 1949 to...

Book Reviews

The Reservation Is His Beat

Klinkenborg, Verlyn. "The Reservation Is His Beat." The New York Times Book Review. 98 , no. 42. (1993): 36


Talking Mysteries : A Conversation with Tony Hillerman

Examines the craft of mystery writing, including an autobiographical piece of Hillerman, a Jim Chee mini-mystery, and an interview by Ernie...

The Tony Hillerman Companion

This guide to Hillerman's art and the world it portrays offers fascinating revelations about the man's extraordinary life and work.

Tony Hillerman : A Critical Companion

Edgar Award-winning writer Tony Hillerman has earned a reputation as a Grand Master of the popular mystery. This is the first full-length...

Tony Hillerman : A Public Life

This biography is concise (128 pp.) and contains a variety of interesting photographs of both Tony Hillerman and some of the settings for his...

Tony Hillerman's Landscape: On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn

Step into the world of bestselling author Tony Hillerman’s novels with Tony Hillerman’s Landscape: On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn, a stunning...

Tony Hillerman's Navajoland : Hideouts, Haunts, and Havens in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Mysteries

A reference and visitor's guide containing entries for all places mentioned in Tony Hillerman's southwestern mysteries. It...

Corpus Tools

UNM Library Voyant Tools

LibVoyant tool is a web-based text analysis tool that provides the lexical frequency of literary works.

Educational Resources

Talking God / Thief of Time: Curriculum Unit

This is a curriculum unit for Talking God & Thief of Time from A Center for Learning Publication. It was created by Richard Murphy and...