Là où dansent les morts == Dance Hall of the Dead [French, paperback, 1986]

Là où dansent les morts == Dance Hall of the Dead [French, paperback, 1986]



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Paris: Rivages, 1986.

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Translated by Daniele and Pierre Bondil, this Rivages/Noir French paperback edition of Dance Hall of the Dead is a small format, elegant exposure to the American Southwest. The cover illustration is a soft focus, tinted reproduction of a vintage photograph of a Sonoran desert motel in Southern Arizona. Despite the cover photograph's lack of relevance to the novel's plot, this edition works to solidly ground the French reader on the Zuni reservation by providing a detailed regional map, author's and translators' notes, and a comprehensive glossary.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    Tony Hillerman | Là où dansent les morts | Traduit de l’américain | par Danièle et Pierre Bondil | Collection dirigée par | François Guérif | rivages/noir
  • Contents:
    [i] half title page, [ii] list of rivages/noir publications and copyright page, [iii] title page, [iv] blank, [v] dedication page, [vi] blank, 7-9 author’s and translators’ notes and area map, [10] blank, 11-238 text, 239-249 glossary, [250] blank, [251] imprint page, [252] blank
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Paperback, 17 x 11 cm.
    • Binding: Paperback with full color front cover.
    • Collation: [i-vi] 7-9 [10] 11-249 [250-252]
    • Price: 29 F
Hieb, 1990: A04i