Hard Flint Boys

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The Hard Flint Boys, also known as Beesh Ashiike in Navajo, as well as the Blue Flint Boys, comprise the seven stars in the Pleiades constellation. In Navajo mythology, the Hard Flint Boys were often underfoot and causing mischief in the presence of Black God. Black God would stamp his foot, causing the Flint Boys to clamber up to Black God’s shoulder and eventually his forehead, otherwise known as the night sky, where they eventually remained, thus demonstrating Black God's celestial powers.

The Hard Flint Boys assist the Navajo in regulating their planting schedule. When they disappear from the evening sky in mid-Spring, the Navajo know that it is time to begin planting.

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"Pleiades star cluster, January 4, 2009" by s587 is licensed under CC BY.

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