Pueblo peoples and cultures

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The term Pueblo refers to a diverse range of Native Americans living in pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona. These groups share similar world views and historically have participated in intensive agriculture, growing corn, beans, chile, and squash, yet each group is distinct and autonomous from the others. Generally, the Pueblos are divided into two groups: Western Pueblos, who live in canyon and mesa country along the Colorada Plateau, and the Eastern Pueblos, who live along the Rio Grande, a river running north-south through almost the entire length of New Mexico. There are four distinct linguistic stocks in the Pueblo community, including Tanoan, Keresan, Uto-Aztecan, and Zuni, which is a language isolate. These differences suggest that these groups have different origins.

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"Albert Martinez Jr. teaching his son to plant corn at Taos Pueblo, May 1985," photograph by Nancy C. Wood. Nancy C. Wood Photograph Collection (000-464-0188-1). Center for Southwest Research,UNM. All Rights Reserved. Use with permission only.

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