Monster Slayer

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Known as Nayé̆nĕzganĭ in Diné, Monster Slayer is the eldest of the twins born of Changing Woman. In Navajo mythology, the twins Monster Slayer and Born of Water were born to rid the earth of the monsters who were killing the people. They began their task by visiting their father the Sun and, after passing through many trials, were given weapons. The younger twin, Born of Water, was given prayer sticks and told to watch them as the older twin, Monster Slayer, fought the monsters. If the prayer sticks began to burn, Born of Water would know that Monster Slayer was in danger and needed help. Monster Slayer went alone to kill some of the monsters, and Born of Water accompanied him while killing others. The twins serve as a model for young Navajo men today.

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"Monster Slayer (Nayé̆nĕzganĭ), from the Project Gutenberg ebook of The North American Indian, Volume I, originally published in 1907" by Edward S. Curtis is licensed under Public Domain.

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