Listening Woman [Avon, paperback, 1979]

This is the full and detailed views of the three Avon paperback editions of Tony Hillerman's 1978 novel Listening Woman. Although all three editions went to press in 1979, each cover shows a different price, ranging from $1.95 all the way up to $3.50. In addition, the first, or cheapest, edition, is printed in the US, and the graphic on the full-color cover is dominated by what may have been intended as a katchina mask, a cutural element not associated with the Navajo, the only indigenous nation to appear in Listening Woman. The second and third editions were printed in Canada and share the same cover design: a desert scene with a close-up view of aviator glasses, a coral snake, and a wad of cash. A helicopter lingers in the background. Of especial note is the addition of text acknowledging Hillerman's Edgar Award, won in 1974 for his novel Dance Hall of the Dead.

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