Listening Woman [Limited Edition of Armchair Detective Library, hardback, 1994]

Listening Woman [Limited Edition of Armchair Detective Library, hardback, 1994]



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New York: Armchair Detective Library, 1994.

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In 1994, the Armchair Detective Library, a division of Otto Penzler Books, published three runs of Tony Hillerman's 1978 novel Listening Woman. This edition, which shares the green striped dust jacket of the trade edition, also comes with a box. The front cover, as well as the spine, have gold embossing, in addition to an on-the-bias sketched portrait of Hillerman. Hillerman's autograph is reproduced beneath his portrait. This edition's fly leaves are a heavy weight paper, marbled in gray. A single sheet of dove gray paper contains the text, "Of this edition, 100 copies have been numbered and signed by the author; 26 copies have been lettered and signed by the author for presentation." The limited edition also contains a new introduction, written by Hillerman himself. A

  • Title Page Transcription:
    [horizontal and vertical rules frame text] TONY | HILLERMAN | [horizontal rule] | Listening Woman | [decorative device] | [publisher's device] | A DIVISION OF | OTTO PENZLER BOOKS | NEW YORK
  • Contents:
    [ ] signed and numbered edition page, [i] half title Listening Woman, [ii] books by author, [iii] title page, [iv] copyright and publisher's imprint 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, v-vii introduction by author, [viii] blank, 1-316 text, [317-328] blank
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Hardback, 22 x 14.5 cm
    • Binding: Burgundy-colored cloth covered boards. Gold embossing on front cover and spine. Front cover details include a linear framing device with daggers in the corners, blades pointed toward center of cover. An inset hadn-drawn portrait of Hillerman is set on-the-bias at the center of the cover. The decorative elements of the spine replicates the cover's artifices, replete with a linear frame and corner daggers. A fifth dagger, aligned vertically with the spine, separates the novel's title from the author's name, both read horizontally along the length of the spine. The publisher's device, a throne-backed armchair, is set vertically, or perpendicular to the spine's lettering, at the bottom of the spine.
    • Collation: [ ] [i-iv] v-vii [viii] 1-316 [317-328]
    • Price: $22.00 USD