The Great Taos Bank Robbery [Books On Tape, 1994]

The Great Taos Bank Robbery [Books On Tape, 1994]


English audio

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Newport Beach: Books On Tape, 1994.

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This is a Books On Tape library edition of Tony Hillerman's The Great Taos Bank Robbery, read by Jonathan Marosz onto 5 one-hour cassettes for a total listening time of 5 hours. The cassettes are in a strong black plastic case with a cover insert printed in yellow and black on a dark brown background. The front cover contains the title, author, reader name, Books On Tape name and logo, and the library edition indicator, inside a border of leaves printed in yellow. The book title, author name, and "Books On Tape" are printed on the spine of the case. The back cover is printed in black within a yellow rectangle on a dark brown border and displays the title, author, listening time, reader name, synopsis, praise from the Albuquerque Journal, copyright information, and price. The Books On Tape name, address, and logo are printed in yellow at the bottom of the back cover.

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    • Format: Audiobook,
    • Price: $30 USD
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