Langennut Mies==The Fallen Man [Finnish, hardcover, 1998]

This is the full and detailed view of the 1998 Finnish version of The Fallen Man, published in Helsinki by Otava in 1998. Translated from English by Ilkka Rekiaro.

This is a hardcover book with no dust cover. The front cover has a beige background with pinkish-brown randomly shaped spots of color. The author's name is printed in red and the novel title in black. The cover art is by Peter Thorpe from the original English language edition of the novel. The design features a pictorial representation of a Navajo Yei figure in front of an upside down triangle with feathers hanging from the sides. Inside the triangle are some sandstone formations on one side of the Yei figure and Ship Rock mountain on the other side, below a sky with clouds and New Mexico sunset coloration at the top.

The back cover is beige, with a black band extending over from and along the spine. The Crime Club logo is at the top, above a synopsis of the novel and brief author biography, with the barcode and the publisher's name at the bottom.

On the spine, the Crime Club colophon is printed in red on a black background, above the author's name and title printed in white.

The inside front and inside back cover are blank, and the endpapers are pale greenish gray.

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