A Thief Of Time [ImPress, hardcover, 2005]

A Thief Of Time [ImPress, hardcover, 2005]



Date Published: 
Publication Details: 

Pleasantville, New York: ImPress (Reader's Digest Association), 2005.

ISBN Number: 

ISSN 1544-4007

Edition Notes: 

This is the Reader's Digest Best Mysteries of All Time edition of Tony Hillerman's novel A Thief of Time, published in 2005.

This is a hardcover book with no dust cover. The cover is black cloth. On the front cover, the title and author are embossed in pale orange metallic. Near the author's name is a kokopelli figure in red metallic. These items are surrounded by a red metallic rectangular border. Above this is the Best Mysteries of All Time logo.

The back cover, inside front cover, and inside back cover are blank. The endpapers are orange.

  • Title Page Transcription: A |Thief | OF | Time | TONY | HILLERMAN | [rule] | [logo] | ImPress [bullet] Pleasantville, New York
  • Contents: [i] teaser, [ii] blank, [iii] half title, [iv] Leaphorn and Chee novels by Tony Hillerman, [v] title page, [vi] copyright, [vii] dedication, [viii-ix] map and author's note, [x] blank, [1]-258 text, [259]-262 About the Author
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Hardcover, 22 x 14 cm
    • Binding: Black cloth-covered boards. The author's name, a small kokopelli figure, the title, and "ImPress Mystery" are embossed on the spine in pale orange metallic, between rules of the same color.
    • Collation: [i-x] [1]-262
    • Price: Price not given