The Sinister Pig [HarperTorch, paperback, 2004]

This is the the full and detailed views of the cover of the first paperback edition of The Sinister Pig, published by HarperTorch (New York) in 2004.

Cover Design and Photography Credits: The jacket design and illustration are by Peter Thorpe. The cover depicts a Yeii figure with outstretched hands and with two oryx grazing on either side, over and above a photograph of the sun setting behind a desert mesa landscape. The inside front cover contains advertising for other Tony Hillerman novels. The front cover right edge is trimmed to show the edge of the glossy second page, where the Yei figure drawing is repeated flanked by praise for the novel.

The back cover displays the novel synopsis and praise above a reversed version of the desert sunset photo from the front cover. Harper imprints, the book price, and bar code are at the bottom front cover. The inside back cover contains a photo of Tony Hillerman by Kelly Campbell, and a brief author biography.

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