The Armchair Detective Book of Lists [The Armchair Detective, paperback, 1989]

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The Armchair Detective Book of Lists [The Armchair Detective, paperback, 1989]



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New York: The Armchair Detective, 1989.

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The Armchair Detective Book of Lists, edited by Edward Strosser, contains Tony Hillerman's list of his ten favorite mystery novels on page 222 as one of the Famous Mystery Writers' Ten Favorite Mystery Books lists. It was published in New York by The Armchair Detective in 1989.

The top half of the front cover displays "The Armchair Detective" printed in white, and "Book of Lists" printed in yellow above a white rule, on a black background. The lower half is a backlit black and white photograph of an early model manual typewriter with a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes to the left and a highball glass partially filled with liquid to the right.

The back cover is black with the book's title and description of contents printed in white and yellow. The publisher's information, cover credits, and book price are at the bottom of the back cover.

The inside front and back covers are blank.

  • Title Page Transcription: The Armchair Detective | Book of Lists | Edited by Edward Strosser | The Armchair Detective | New York City | colophon
  • Table of Contents:
    1. Mystery Writers of America Awards
    2. Queen's Quorum
    3. Gallup's All Time Favorite Mystery Writers
    4. The Sunday Times Hundred Best Crime Stories
    5. James Sandoe's Hard-Boiled Checklist
    6. H.R.F. Keating's 100 Best Crime/Mystery Books
    7. Haycraft-Queen Definitive Library
    8. Crime Writers' Association Awards
    9. Otto Penzler's Top 100 Sherlock Holmes Books
    10. Robin W. Winks' Personal Favorites
    11. Private Eye Writers of America Survey
    12. Armchair Detective Reader's Survey
    13. USA Today Top Ten Mystery Books
    14. Bouchercon Anthony Awards
    15. Mystery Readers International Awards
    16. Malice Domestic Mystery Convention Awards
    17. Famous Mystery Writers' Ten Favorite Mystery Books
    18. Mystery Bookstore Owners/Managers Ten Favorite Mystery Books/Authors
    19. Wolfe Pack's Nero Awards
    20. Variety's Fifty All-Time Top Grossing Mystery Movies
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Paperback, 21.5 x 13.5 cm
    • Binding: Two-color paper covers. The book's title is printed in yellow on black on the spine.
    • Price: $9.95 USD