The Ghostway [HarperTorch, paperback, 2002]

The full and detailed views of the 2002 paperback edition of The Ghostway, published by HarperTorch, a division of HarperCollins Publishers. The cover art is by Peter Thorpe taken from the first paperback edition by HarperPaperbacks printed in 1992. The cover background art credit is to Rob Blakers/Getty Images. This edition's front cover displays the author's name in large raised type in metallic silver above Thorpe's focal point, a black eagle figure outlined in red and yellow, wearing a red sash, with dangling feathers outlined in red against a white background. Behind the figure is a silver rectangle, and behind that is a photograph of a river bordered by yellow-leafed cottonwood trees illuminated in slanting sunlight. At the bottom of the cover, the book title is printed in raised metallic silver.

The front cover photo wraps to the back cover, fading to black toward the top, where the novel synopsis is printed in white. The back cover also contains praise, publisher imprints, novel price, and bar code.

The publisher logo and name are printed in white at the top of the spine, above the author's name in grey on black. A miniature version of Thorpe's eagle figure and "35 years of excellence" separate the bottom section of the spine, where the title is printed in gray over the wraparound cover photo. A yellow horizontal rule separates the title from "New York Times Bestselling Author" printed in white at the bottom of the spine.

The inside front cover contains advertising for other Hillerman novels. The inside back cover displays the 1993 AP NewsFeatures photograph of Tony Hillerman above his biography.

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