Coyote Waits [Reader's Digest Condensed, hardcover, 1992]

This is the first Australia/New Zealand edition of the Reader's Digest Condensed version of Coyote Waits. This compilation also contains novels by Frederick Forsyth and Rosamunde Pilcher.

This hardcover volume does not have a dust cover. The front cover is textured burgundy vinyl with the Reader's Digest pegasus logo in gold in the bottom right corner. The back cover is also textured burgundy vinyl with no printing or marks. The inside front and inside back covers are blank. The endpapers are cream.

On the spine, the book titles are printed horizontally in gold on red rectangles with double gold borders. At the top of the spine is printed "Reader's Digest Condensed Books" also in gold with gold double borders, and at the bottom, the pegasus logo is printed in gold within a red rectangle with a single gold border. The background is textured burgundy vinyl.

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