Rio Grande [University of Texas Press, hardcover compilation, 2004]

This is the full and detailed view of the first edition of Rio Grande, edited by Jan Reid, which contains, on pages 18-20, an excerpt from Tony Hillerman's book New Mexico, Rio Grande, and Other Essays (1992). This edition was published by the University of Texas Press in Austin, Texas, in 2004. Tony Hillerman's excerpt is illustrated with a photograph by Laura Gilpin.

This is a hardcover book with a dust cover. The cover image, wrapping from the inside front flap around the front cover and spine to the back cover, is "Crossing the Rio Grande" by Bill Wittliff. The section on the front cover shows a group of people on horseback crossing a wide body of water, with the sun just sinking below the horizon in the background. The photograph is printed in brown tones on a gray background. The book's title is printed in opacified text overlaid along the bottom of the photograph. In smaller, reddish-brown text below the photograph is printed "Edited and with a text by Jan Reid."

The inside front flap contains a description of the book's contents which continues onto the back flap. The back flap also contains the editor's biography.

The front cover photograph continues onto the back cover, ending about two-thirds of the way across. Below the photograph is the publisher information and bar code.

The inside front and inside back covers are blank. The endpapers are dark taupe.