The Woman Who Climbed to the Sky [Presentation Copy, First Edition, 2001]

This is the full and detailed view of The Woman Who Climbed to the Sky by Margaret Coel. The introduction was written by Tony Hillerman.

This is a hardcover illustrated book bound in red cloth-covered boards. The illustrations, including the front cover art, are by Phil Parks. The front cover illustration is of the moon seen through a small break in an otherwise overcast background of grey clouds. In front of the moon, protruding through the break in the clouds, is a stick, to which is attached a rope. About halfway between the stick and the bottom of the drawing, a woman is clinging to the rope. The author's name is printed in red at the top of the drawing, and the book title is printed in yellow on either side of the dangling woman.

The back cover is blank. The title, author's name, and "A.S.A.R" are printed in white on the book's spine. The endpapers are black. The inside front and inside back covers are blank.