Un Homme Est Tombé==The Fallen Man [French, paperback, 1998]

This is the French paperback edition of The Fallen Man. Published in 1998 by Éditions Payot & Rivages in Paris, France, the text was translated into French by Danièle and Pierre Bondil.

The cover photo, credited to Pierre Bondil, features a photograph of a striated stone mesa with layers of orange, red, and white rock. The foreground is dotted with evergreen trees and the near edge of the mesa displays several eroded stone formations. The author's name, book title, and "RIVAGES/THRILLER" are printed in white. The back cover is black and contains the book title, translation credit, synopsis, publisher's imprint, bar code, and price printed in white. The spine is also black and the author's name, book title, and "RIVAGES/THRILLER" are printed on it in white. A red band wraps around the book and is secured by flaps. The front of the band proclaims "Le grand retour de Jim Chee et Joe Leaphorn" printed in white. On the back of the band, the bar code and price information from the back cover are repeated. The spine section of the band is blank.

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