A Tentação do Coiote==Coyote Waits [Portuguese, paperback, 1996]

This is the paperback edition of Coyote Waits translated into Portuguese by Aulyde Soares Rodrigues and published by Editora Rocco Ltda in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1996.

This is a paperback book with fold-outs. The front cover and spine have a red background. On the front cover, the author's name is printed at the top in gray. Below a line of gray dots, the Portuguese title is printed in yellow-orange. The cover illustration is the original artwork by Peter Thorpe of a Navajo Yei figure in gray, black and white, overlaid on a geometric-framed drawing of leaping flames in orange, red, brown and black, beneath a dark blue sky.

The back cover is white and contains a synopsis of the novel printed in black. The bar code is at the bottom right.

The author name and publisher logo are printed on the spine in gray, on either side of the title, printed in yellow-orange.

The front fold-out contains a synopsis of the novel and of Hillerman's work, which continues onto the back fold-out. Also on the back fold-out is a photograph of Tony Hillerman by Barney Hillerman, and a brief author biography.

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