The Fly on the Wall [Armchair Detective Library, hardcover, 1990]

This is the trade version of the Armchair Detective Library hardcover edition of The Fly on the Wall, published in 1990, with a new introduction by Tony Hillerman.

This is a hardcover book with a dust jacket. The cover design (uncredited) has an overall marbled background in gray, green, yellow and brown, with a few orange highlights. The author's name is printed on a beige inset, in black with light blue drop shadow, above a diamond-framed black and white drawing of Tony Hillerman by Carolyn Hartman. Below the drawing is the book title, printed in the same style as the author's name.

The back cover has the same marbled background and beige insert, with a brief biography of Tony Hilerman and advance praise for the novel. The publisher logo is at the bottom of the back cover. The front fold-out has a synopsis of the novel, and the back fold-out describes other books in the Armchair Detective Library series. The inside front and inside back cover are blank, and the end papers are white.