Seldom Disappointed: A Memoir [Canadian First Edition, Hardcover, 2001]

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Seldom Disappointed: A Memoir [Canadian First Edition, Hardcover, 2001]



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Toronto: HarperCollins Canada, 2001.

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This is the first Canadian edition of Tony Hillerman's autobiography, Seldom Disappointed: A Memoir. It was published by HarperCollins Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 2001. It differs from the US first edition mainly by price and ISBN number. This book is an autobiography of Hillerman's life from his childhood in Oklahoma to his career on the Bestseller's Lists. The front and back cover photos are credited to Kelly Campbell and feature images of Tony Hillerman himself.

  • Title Page Transcription: [decorative frame] | SELDOM | DISAPPOINTED | [decorative frame] | A Memoir | [rule] | TONY HILLERMAN | [publisher's logo] | HarperCollinsPublishersLtd
  • Contents: [i] half title SELDOM DISAPPOINTED, [ii] ALSO BY TONY HILLERMAN, [iii] title page, [iv] publisher's imprint and copyright FIRST HARDCOVER EDITION...01 02 03 04 HC 6 5 4 3 2 1, [v] dedication, [vi] blank, [vii-viii] Contents, [1] second half title, [2] blank, [3]-320 text, [321]-331 Addendum, [332]-341 Bibliography, [342-344] blank
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Hardback, 24 x 16 cm.
    • Binding: Quarter bound, royal blue boards with a red cloth spine and the title, author, and publisher printed in metallic gold on the spine.
    • Collation: [i-viii] [1-2] [3]-320 [321]-331 [332]-341 [342-343]
    • Price: $38.00 CAN