People of Darkness [Avon, Perma-Bound paperback, 1982]

This is the 1982 Avon paperback edition of People of Darkness. The cover art is unattributed; it features a skeleton hand in the foreground, leaning over a box containing a Purple Heart medal resting on the desert sand. Curved around the left edge of the box is a collared lizard flicking its tongue. A portion of a nopal cactus is visible to the right of the box. In the background, a green pumpjack appears in front of a ridge of mountains, with a crescent moon in a dark sky above. A "Perma-Bound" sticker at the top left obscures some of the publishing information.

The back cover has a synopsis of the novel printed in white on a brown background. Below is a detail from the front cover illustration, and the book UPC code.

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