Le peuple de l'ombre==People of Darkness [French, paperback, 1994]

This is a reissue of the 1992 paperback French edition of People of Darkness. It was published as part of the Collection Folio by Éditions Gallimard in 1994. The French translation is by Jane Fillion. The cover art is by Gérard Failly and consists of a composite photo of a blurred face with short dark hair in the foreground, against a gray wall with a bloody handprint and several marks upon it, including a human skull. The top of the wall shades into a white background and above the photo, the book title and author name are printed in black. The folio designation and logo are printed at the bottom right of the front cover.

On the back, printed in black on a white background, is the book author, title, and translation credit, above a synopsis of the novel.

The spine is printed horizontally, top to bottom, with the folio designation, author name, and book title, in black on white.

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