The Dark Wind [HarperTorch, paperback, 2001]

This is the 2001 paperback edition of The Dark Wind, featuring Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Police. The cover art is a composite of a Yei figure by Peter Thorpe, placed in the center of the cover overlaid on a silver-gray band. Behind this is a photograph by Richard Kaylin/Getty Images, featuring three electrical pylons in a desert landscape with a mountain skyline under a cloudy, threatening sky. The author name and book title are printed above and below the illustration respectively, in raised silver-gray type.

The Richard Kaylin cover photo wraps onto the back cover, where the line of pylons, desert landscape, and cloudy sky sit below a synopsis printed in white. Publisher information is printed at the bottom of the back cover, next to a bar code sticker overlying the original bar code printed onto the book.

The inside front cover displays the publisher logo and book price along with advertisements for other Hillerman novels. The inside back cover features the 1993 AP Newsfeatures photo of Tony Hillerman above a brief biography.

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