Listening Woman [UK edition, audiobook, 1992]

This is the UK edition audiobook of Listening Woman, published in 1992 by Isis Audio Books. The book is read by George Guidall onto 5 audiocassettes for a total listening time of 6.5 hours.

The cassettes are in a white plastic case with a cover insert. The cover illustration is by Kevin Feeney. At the center of the illustration is a man with dark hair, wearing a pale orange shirt and gray pants, on one knee and holding something in his right hand. Spread out before him is a representation of a sandpainting, including several Yei figures in shades of orange, blue and red, on a tan speckled background. The scene appears to be taking place in a dark interior space. The book title is printed above the illustration in white, with Tony Hillerman's name below in yellow. The publisher's imprint and reader's name credit appear at the bottom right of the illustration.

On the back of the case insert, a photo and biography of George Guidall are printed in black above a synopsis of the novel. Information about the audio book and its publishing is printed at the bottom of the back cover.

The book title is printed in purple horizontally on the spine, above Tony Hillerman's name printed in red. Below, the publisher's imprint and item number are printed vertically.

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