People of Darkness [UK edition, audiobook, 1993]

This is the UK edition audiobook of People of Darkness, read by George Guidall onto 5 cassettes. The audiobook has a total listening time of 7 hours.

The cassettes are in a beige plastic case with cover insert. The cover illustration is by Kevin Feeney and simply shows a leather bag with thong drawstring. Part of the bag is cut away and the contents, a black material in an amorphous shape, are showing through. Next to the bag, the book title is printed in lime green in a rough font. At the top of the front cover, "Tony" is printed in yellow and below that, "Hillerman" in yellow shading to red. At the bottom, the reader credit is printed in white.

The back of the case has a white background with a black and white photograph of George Guidall next to his brief biography. Below is printed a synopsis of the story. Publisher information is below Guidall's photo.

On the spine, the author name is printed in black, and the book title in lime green, horizontally on a white background. The publisher name and item number are printed vertically at the bottom of the spine.

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