Tod der Maulwürfe==People of Darkness [German, paperback, 2001]

This is the paperback German rororo series edition of People of Darkness published in 2001 by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag in Reinbek bei Hamburg, Germany. This edition features an afterword by Frank Göhre, German translation by Klaus Fröba, cover design by Cathrin Günther, and illustration by Jürgen Mick. The title literally translates as "death of the mole."

The front cover design is similar to other covers in the rororo series, featuring a green speckled background with an overlaid large block-style print of an animal, a beaded band, and a foreground composite element. In this edition, the animal print resembles a mole, in darker green at the left, partially cropped. The illustrated beaded band is in light blue with a gray geometric design. The composite element features a multicolored mask, feathers, and a foundation element resembling fur. The author name, book title, and publisher logo are printed in tan.

The back cover is dark green and printed in tan is a synopsis of the novel. The publisher logo is along the left edge of the back cover. The bar code and price are printed at the bottom. The spine is also dark green and contains the author name, book title and series number printed in tan, horizontally, bottom to top. The publisher logo is printed at the bottom of the spine, vertically. The inside front and inside back covers are pale turquoise.

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