Das Tabu der Totengeister==The Ghostway [German, Rowohlt Paperback, 1987]

Das Tabu der Totengeister==The Ghostway [German, Rowohlt Paperback, 1987]



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Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1987.

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none indicated

Edition Notes: 

This is a German edition of The Ghostway, the sixth book in Tony Hillerman's Navajo Mystery Series and the third novel featuring the protagonist Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police. This edition, published by Rowohlt, is similar to their thriller series edition but has a different cover and some slightly different front matter. The title translates as "Taboo of the Spirits (or Ghosts) of the Dead." The cover, designed by Stefan Matlik, consists of a black & white illustration of a man looking out an upper story window, while outside the window there is a man walking away from the building down the street. The text was translated by Klaus Fröba.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    Tony Hillerman | Das Tabu | der Totengeister | Deutsch von Klaus Fröba
  • Contents:
    [1] half title page Hillerman | Das Tabu der Totengeister, [2] blank, [3] title page, [4] publisher's imprint and copyright, [5] list of characters, [6] dedication, 7-[202] text, [203-208] blank
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Paperback, 19 x 11.5 cm.
    • Binding: Paper covers. The front cover has a black & white illustration, title and author appear in black print along the top and the right side of the cover in a bluish-green band. The spine is also bluish-green with black text: [horizontal] TONY HILLERMAN DAS TABU DER TOTENGEISTER
    • Collation: [1-6] 7-[202] [203-208]
    • Price: No Price Listed
Hieb, 1990: A8hb