Wolf ohne Fährte & Wer die Vergangenheit stiehlt==The Blessing Way and A Thief of Time [German, hardback compilation, 1995]

This is a German hardcover compilation edition of The Blessing Way (literally translated as "Trackless Wolf") and A Thief of Time (literally translated as "Who Steals the Past") published by Büchergilde Gutenberg. These are reprints of translations previously published by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag. Translation of The Blessing Way is by Gisela Stege and of A Thief of Time is by Klaus Fröba.

This hardcover book has a dust jacket; the jacket background is a photograph in black and blue which seems to resemble the inside of a tipi in the early morning or late evening, with the silhouettes of support poles, feathers, and a bison skull visible. The author's name and included novel titles are printed on the front cover in lime green, in mixed script and serif fonts. A graphic device is printed below this text, in bright yellow-orange, of three lines slanting down to the right. This device is used throughout the book. The same device in the same color is printed on the back cover near the top center, over the silhouette of the bison skull.

The front fold-out contains a synopsis of the book's contents printed in white, below another graphic device of a wavy line, also printed in bright orange-yellow. This text continues onto the back fold-out above the wavy line graphic repeated at the bottom. The inside front and inside back covers are blank. The end papers are bright orange-yellow.