Wolf ohne Fährte==The Blessing Way [German, paperback compilation, 1986]

This is a paperback compilation, in German, which includes The Blessing Way. Published in 1986 by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag under their "thriller rororo" series, this compilation also contains works by Detlef Wolff and Edgar Box (Gore Vidal). Series editor is Bernd Jost. The German translation of Hillerman's novel is by Gisela Stege.

This is a paperback book with a black cover, and yellow and white text. The authors' names and novel titles are listed down the right side of the front cover. In the top left corner, the publisher's series logo is printed. Below the logo is a line drawing of an oddly-shaped figure holding a large knife. These figures are repeated on the back cover within a yellow rectangle. Along the bottom of the back cover are thumbnails of previous Rowohlt editions of the included novels.

On the spine, the authors' last names and "Sammelband" ("anthology") are printed in yellow on black, horizontally, bottom to top. The book price and serial number are printed at the top of the spine, while at the bottom is the publisher's "rororo" series logo. The inside front and inside back covers are blank.

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