The Blessing Way [UK edition, audiobook, 1992]

This is the UK edition unabridged audiobook of The Blessing Way, published by Isis Audio Books, narrated by George Guidall onto six cassettes with a playing time of 8 hours 15 minutes. The cassettes are in a white plastic case with beige cover insert. The cover illustration is by Kevin Feeney.

The front cover is a drawing of a man, wearing a headband, red shirt, and blue pants, lying on the ground in a desert landscape. Small snakeweed plants are near his head and hip, and dot the ground behind him. Near his head is a small bear fetish, and under his right hand is what could be a small leather bag with a thong drawstring. Jagged mountains and a sunset sky of red and orange are in the background. The book title is printed in black at the top of the cover, with the author name printed in red just below. The publisher logo and narration credit are at the bottom right. The back cover is beige and displays a photo and brief biography of George Guidall, a synopsis of the novel, praise for the novel, and publication information. On the spine of the case, the book title and author name are printed in blue and red, above the Isis logo and serial number.

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