The Dark Wind [Sphere Books Ltd, British edition, paperback, 1988]

This is the full and detailed views of the Sphere Books Ltd paperback edition of Tony Hillerman's The Dark Wind (1988), the fifth novel in his Navajo Detective Series. This 1988 edition was published by Sphere Books Ltd. in London, England.

Sphere Books published several of Hillerman's novels, and each of their covers follows a similar format: a multimedia collage, over a rough canvas base, that incorporates folk art elements and and items that indicate plot elements in The Dark Wind. In this case, a line of cocaine, a key plot element, is above a small oil painting of a dark Southwestern night sky. These elements are framed by blue and white course string embroidery, with a secondary framing device of a differently colored geometric diamond pattern. A smattering of blood and feathers, neither of which manifest in the novel, provide the finishing touches.