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Genesis is translated from the Hebrew word Bereshit, meaning "in the beginning." Viewed as a patriarchal history, this first book of the Old Testament and the Torah relays the well-known creation myth of both Judaism and Christianity. From darkness, God created the earth and heavens full of light in six days. God breathes life into the first man from the dust of the earth, creates woman from his rib and places them in the Garden of Eden. Genesis is composed of many of the most dramatic of bible stories and includes the story of Abraham and his sons, Noah's ark and the Tower of Babel. The narrative of Genesis is most significant when contextualized as part of the broader material unit that makes up the first five chapters of the Bible known as Torah or Pentateuch.

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"Algonquian Indian Bible - Genesis 1 Old Testament first page of 1685 copy" by (author) John Eliot, 1685 is licensed under Public Domain.

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