Mexican Water chapter house, Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

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Located in Teec Nos Pos, near the crossroads, of U.S. Highways 191 and 160.

A chapter house is a meeting place for Navajo people where they can publicly discuss their opinions about the goings on of the Navajo Nation and its governance. Implemented by Leupp Agency Superintendent John G. Hunter in 1922, the chapter house system quickly transcended the politics of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and gained a communal and cultural relevance of its own. Today, even though chapters are still identified by BIA agency, they have gained and grown at the grassroots level to function as community centers as well as political hubs around the broad territory of the Navajo Nation.

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"Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, June 5, 2010" by Jimmy Emerson, DVM is licensed under CC BY.

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