Tids-tyven==A Thief of Time [Norwegian, hardback, 1989]

This is the full and detailed views of the dust cover for the first Norwegian hardback edition of the eighth Tony Hillerman Navajo Mystery, A Thief of Time. This edition published in 1989 by H. Aschehoug & Co. in Olso, Norway. This edition was translated from Tony Hillerman's original English text into Norwegian by Atle Bjorge.

Design and Photography Credits: Cover illustration by Kristin Stephansen Smith. The cover illustration seems to be a large sand painting with a broken ceramic vessel in the center. Suspended above the vessel are two blue pottery sherds, one depicts a fired gun and the other depicts a fleeing figure being shot in the back. The front fold-out contains a picture of Tony Hillerman and a brief biography and the back fold-out contains praises for Tony Hillerman by the actor and director Robert Redford, People magazine, and the daily newspaper New York Newsday.