Ladrón de Tiempo==A Thief of Time [Spanish, paperback, 1989]

This is the full and detailed views of the cover of the second Spanish edition of the eighth Tony Hillerman Navajo Mystery, A Thief of Time. This edition is the Crimen & CIA edition of A Thief of Time which was also published in 1989 Versal, S.A. in Barcelona, Spain. The text was translated from English to Spanish by Marco-Aurelio Galmarini.

Design and Photography Credits: Interestingly, the cover is attributed to two people at different people in two different sections of the book. On the copyright page the cover is attributed to Richard Riambau, who contributed the photography to the first publication of A Thief of Time by Versal. On the back cover fold out the cover design is then attributed to Joan Batallé. It would seem since this cover design is different than the original printing of this book, that the cover was designed by Batallé and not Riambau. The cover design depicts a woodcut black and white print of a tree and leaves with a yellow print of an arch surrounding a bird figure.

The front cover fold-out contains a picture of Tony Hillerman and a praise for Hillerman by the New York Times. The back cover fold-out contains a list of books also published by Versal.