Wer Die Vergangenheit Stiehlt==A Thief of Time [German, paperback, 1990]

Wer Die Vergangenheit Stiehlt==A Thief of Time [German, paperback, 1990]



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Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1990.

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Edition Notes: 

This is the first German paperback edition of A Thief of Time. This edition was published in 1990 by Rowholt Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. Tony Hillerman's original text was translated from English to German by Klaus Fröba.

The photograph on the cover was by Peter Wippermann and Nina Rothfos. This features black and white photograph of a presumably Native American man with a haunted expression.

  • Title Page Transcription:
    Tony Hillerman | Wer die | Vergangenheitästiehlt | Deutsch von | Klaus Fröba | Mir einem | Autorenporträt | von | Catherine Breslin | [publisher's logo] | Rowohlt
  • Contents:
    [1] publisher's logo, [2] poem by William Shakespeare, a excerpt from A Thief of Time, and a brief biography of Tony Hillerman, [3] title page, [4] copyright, [5] list of characters, [6-7] map, [8] blank, [9] acknowledgements, dedication, and Author's Note, [10] blank, 11-[220] text, 221-[233] portrait of the author, [234] blank, [235-238] advertisements
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Format: Paperback, 19 x 11.5 cm.
    • Binding: Full-color paper covers with the thriller number, title, author, and publisher's device printed vertically on the spine.
    • Collation: [1-10] 11-[220] 221-[238]
    • Price: DM 9.80
Hieb, 1990: A10t