Ladrões Do Tempo==A Thief of Time [Brazilian, paperback, 1990]

This is a full and detailed view of the first paperback Brazilian edition of A Thief of Time, printed in Portuguese. This edition was published in 1990 by Editora Rocco LTDA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This version was translated from Tony Hillerman's original text in English to Portuguese by Paulo Azevedo.

Design and Photography Credits: Cover design by Ana Maria Duarte. According to Louis Hieb's 1993 book, Tony Hillerman Abroad, the art on the cover features a sketch of the stone houses of Cliff Palace, which is a very famous cliff dwelling located within the boundary of Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

This edition has a fold-out on the front and back covers. The front fold-out contains a brief history of Tony Hillerman as a writer and the back fold-out contains a brief synopsis of the book and a short biography of Tony Hillerman.