Sacred Clowns [Advance Reading Copy, paperback, 1993]

This is the full and detailed views of the cover of the second edition of the Advance Reading Copy for Sacred Clowns. This copy was printed in 1993 for review before the final version of the first edition of Sacred Clowns was published.

Design and Photography Credits: The jacket design and illustration by Peter Thorpe. The cover art depicts a koshare or a Pueblo Clown (sometimes called sacred clowns) with the image of a traditional Pueblo village in the background. A Pueblo Clown is a trickster in the Kachina religion of the Pueblo Indians. The cover of the Advance Reading Copy is identical to the cover of the first edition of Sacred Clowns, with the addition of ADVANCED READING COPY below the cover art.

The back cover of this Advanced Reading Copy is of particular interest, there is a precursory introduction of the book and Tony Hillerman, but underneath this is information regarding the details of the marketing campaign for Sacred Clowns . It includes the overall price of the campaign, $350,000, the newspapers and magazines where advertisement for the book will appear, and other information about promotional activities for the book.