Coyote Väntar==Coyote Waits [Swedish, hardback, 1991]

This is the full and detailed views of the cover from the first Swedish edition of the tenth Tony Hillerman Navajo Mystery, Coyote Waits. This edition published in 1991 by Bokförlaget Legenda AB, in Stockholm, Sweden. Tony Hillerman's original text was translated from English to Swedish by Ulf Gyllenhak.

Design and Photography Credits: Cover design by John Eyre. The cover of this edition follows the same formula as other Legenda reissues of books. There is a frame containing the title and the a mountain with evil yellow eyes, the outline of a police vehicle, and the outline of a policeman. The latter two images are repeated on many Legenda Thriller covers. The decorative border around the frame contains a white border. The front fold out contains a picture of Tony Hillerman and a brief biography, and the back fold out is blank.