The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries [Uncorrected Proof, paperback, 1989]

The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries [Uncorrected Proof, paperback, 1989]



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New York: Harper & Row, 1989.

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This is the advance reading copy of The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries, which was printed in 1989 by Harper & Row in New York City, New York. The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries: Three Classic Hillerman Mysteries Featuring Lt. Joe Leaphorn is the first anthology of the first three novels in Tony Hillerman's Navajo Mystery Series.

This copy of The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries is the advance reading copy created for review, and the cover gives instruction for the literary reviewers:

    "Reviewers are reminded that changes may be made in this proof copy before books are printed. If any material from the book is quoted in a review, the quotation should be checked against the final bound book."

This edition gives insight into a usually unseen process of promoting a book before publication. An advanced reading copy is the uncorrected proof that is distributed, without charge, to: journalists, book sellers, and celebrities for review and for promotional purposes. This is usually done a half a year in advance of the book release, both so any issues can be corrected and so any celebrity endorsements can be printed on the dust cover

  • Title Page Transcription:
    TONY | HILLERMAN | [decorative rule] | THE JOE LEAPHORN | MYSTERIES | THREE CLASSIC HILLERMAN MYSTERIES | FEATURING LT. JOE LEAPHORN | THE BLESSING WAY | DANCE HALL OF THE DEAD | LISTENING WOMAN | [publisher's device] | HARPER & ROW, PUBLISHERS, New York | Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco | London, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto
  • Contents:
    [i] introduction to the anthology, [ii] blank, [iii] half title THE JOE LEAPHORN MYSTERIES, [iv] blank, [v] Books by TONY HILLERMAN, [vi] blank, [vii] title page, [viii] dedication, copyright, and publisher's imprint, [ix] CONTENTS, [x] blank, [1]-495 text, [496-502] blank
  • Table of Contents:
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    • Format: Paperback, 20.9 x 13.5 cm.
    • Binding: Tan paper covers with the title, author, and publisher printed in black on the spine.
    • Collation: [i-x] [1]-495 [496-502]
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Hieb, 1990: A12d