The Jim Chee Mysteries [First Edition, hardback, 1990]

This is the full and detailed views of the cover of the first edition for The Jim Chee Mysteries: Three Classic Hillerman Mysteries Featuring Officer Jim Chee. This is an anthology of the first three novels in the Navajo Mystery Series featuring Jim Chee, including: People of Darkness (1980), The Dark Wind (1982), and The Ghostway (1984). This edition was published in 1990 by HarperCollins Publishers in New York.

Design and Photography Credits: The jacket design is by Peter Thorpe and features a Native American man kneeling while inspecting tracks in the sand surrounded by a Southwestern vista. The title, the author, and the image are bounded by two tall multicolored yei figures. This edition also has two fold-outs, the front fold-out contains a brief synopsis of the anthology and the back fold-out contains a photograph of Tony Hillerman by Bradley Hillerman and a brief biography.